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're on with fred barnes of the "weekly standard." caller: bob. yes, you said that paul ryan is a good candidate for the future? the guy couldn't even tell the truth about his marathon run, and then he takes a tour of a soup kitchen, and he cleans up after the place is closed. romney, i mean, my god the guy lied throughout campaign, and you would actually support a guy who lies to the american people about jobs going to china with the jeep? host: how did paul ryan do on the campaign trail? guest: well, i thought he did extremely well and i thought he flubbed that news about the marathon but if he did it in the time he said he would be on a marathon-running circuit. that was just a mistake. he hadn't run it in about is 1 -- in about 11-12 years. i know paul ryan. paul ryan is not a liar. and with mitt romney, the whole question about the jeeps, there's a dispute whether chrysler, which owns jeeps jeep is going to have to go to italy. there's a story about that. on the china issue overall for romney, that was an issue that didn't work. there are issues that poll well, but when you try to rely on t
financial times." topping that list is paul ryan, the vice-president candidate returning to congress and has asked to continue on as chairman of the house budget committee. those are the people doing the negotiations. moving on to "the washington post." they know earlier wednesday barack obama call john boehner and others to urge them to put aside partisan interests to advance the interests of the american people. let's go back to your phone calls. from irving, calif., a irvingcaller. caller: i voted for mitt romney. host: what was your message? caller: i was like to say to get on and strain of the country. some of these callers are saying romney did not have a plan. he had a plan. he said it over and over again. i would call john boehner, it is time to compromise. you drop obamacare and we will raise the tax rate. let's get on with it and pass the bush tax cuts for another six months to straighten out the tax code. we took a stab at it in california. it can be done. the problem is nothing is easy politically. the other cliff we have to face is the budget deficit. we have to tackle it. that
i am going to say. i think that mr. romney choosing paul ryan made the decision for me. the tea party overstepped their bounds. the overstepped. i couldn't allow that to happen to america. i love my country. it just went too far. for 10 years of president reagan opposed the administration there were still blaming jimmy carter for everything. historically, president obama things. bush for a famou the tea party overstepped with the nazi staff, the socialism, wanting to totally destroy everything that people fought in world war two, a vietnam and korea for. host: you are calling on the independent line, who did you vote for? caller: i thought i had a choice, and up voting for obama. i did not vote until almost 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon because i hadn't made up my mind. host: for him did you vote in 2008. caller: i voted for the libertarian candidate. host: what to do in ohio? caller: i am a casino worker. host: where is studenville? caller: right across the ohio river across from west virginia about 45 events west of pittsburgh. host: thank you for calling in to c-span and this
, but we will not come with fixed positions. it was the paul ryan budget that said essentially privatize social security and use a voucher for medicare. i do not think the public wants that. in their reelection, they said let's tackle these issues but not in a punitive way. host: the next call for sander levin comes from alexandria, virginia. independent. caller: i just want to share with you and congressman that i think we are having the wrong conversation about taxes. we keep talking about the reduction in rates, tax rates, but as a percentage of gdp, we are paying less than just about everyone else in the industrialized world except for mexico, chile and turkey. we cannot sustain this and try to grow, increase in the structure, research and development, improve our education system -- it is just not a reality. turkey, chile and mexico. that is who we are competing with as a percentage of gdp. we all need to pay more so we can get more from it. host: what would it look like for you personally? what would you be willing to pay? caller: thank you. i would be willing to pay another 10% or
the republican party and particularly governor romney saying we will cut -- and his vice president, paul ryan, less government, more cuts. what does it mean? it means the very cuts we are looking at now in defense. 200,000 jobs in virginia. let's examine the entire picture and not just listen to those ads that somehow are letting the defense cutbacks at governor tim kaine who was not an office or the present. this is because the republican obstructionist congress saw political opportunity and said we are not going to raise heavy debt ceiling. how irresponsible? host: let's go to the next call. kentucky on the independent line. debbie per. please, go ahead. caller: i am calling because of all of this -- what he did, the damage in new jersey. that is just for him to get help. he has not done nothing for us for the last four years. that president did nothing but put us all and the poor house. my husband is a welder and he lost his job and got another job, lower pay, and we are about to lose our home and everything because of obama. to voteon't know who for, but it sure will not beat obama. host:
should we have picked mitt romney, well you did. should he have picked paul ryan? absolutely, he's a smart political figure and has a lot to taufer party and resonated well with the electorate. so all of that second guessing is typical washington inside crazeness. you need to hunker down and look at your ground game and your organization and your message and mess jers. we need mess jers who look like me. we need mess jers who are hispanic, asian american, women cross section of folks who represent communities all across the country. host: your successor of the republican national committee may seek a second term as chair of the party. what are you hearing? guest: i've heard people say that and that's a decision he will make on his own. and the party will judge whether losing two senate seats and the presidential and not much of a ground game is worthy of a reelection. host: a landslide loss for big money. voters ignored most of the outside ads but the danger of unlimited spending remains and a lot of focus on american cross roads and the money spenlt by carl rove. those people sh
, mr. romney also reportedly will visit with his former running mate paul ryan of wisconsin who is heavily golved in the g.o.p.'s negotiations with the obama administration to solve the government's fiscal cliff. since the election, mr. rom knit has secluded himself from the media at his southern california home making no public appearances but has bad photographed killing his car at a local gas station and taking a day trip with his grandchildren to nearby disneyland. linden in bristol, virginia on our democrats line. the g.o.p. says to address the spending problem, what do you think? caller: i kind of agree more with the president that it should be a balanced approach. yes, we probably do have a spending problem. i agree. but i definitely believe that there is a problem with our revenue and you know, to go back for guys who make billions or millions of dollars every year and just interest alone, who -- a secretary to work every day does that 40 hour a week. so i think it's a balanced approach leaning more towards revenue as a way to solve things. definitely got to cut spending
was undecided on yesterday, right when i got in, i felt like mitt romney and paul ryan would be better for the economy. host: you went in not knowing? caller: not knowing at all. host: but when it came down to it? what was the deciding factor for you? caller: the economy. i've weighed everything and said it was bigger than anything else of this point. host: who did you vote for in 2008? caller: president obama." -- president obama. host: you are one of those swing voters in a swing state. caller: i was not the only one in line yesterday. a lot of african-americans there said they were undecided and i was very shocked, i thought i was the only met romney supporter in line, but i may not have been. those other issues, abortion and all of that, with hash themselves out. it would take an actual act of the supreme court, when it came to health care and things like that. right now the economy is more important to me. host: thank you very much for the call. we will be talking politics on "and newsmakers" live at 10:00 eastern time. our congress -- our conversation will be with debbie wasserma
] convincing a friend or a coworker or two to vote for paul ryan and me. and of course -- [applause] what makes this rally and all your work so inspiring is that you're here, not because of one person or because of a party, you're here because of america. host: you can watch that election night coverage at 8:00 on our network, c-span. you can listen it to on c-span radio. join along on as well. you will get the president election results from the house and governance -- governors races and victory and concession speeches. we start at 8:00. please join us then. the miami herald on their paper this morning takes a look at absentee ballot saying that more than 4.5 million people have voted early which accounts for 38% of the 12 million voters and half the ones likely to cast the ballot. there's another herald story. this also looks at the absentee ballots the headline saying that south florida voters will be able to cast absentee ballots in person that could take place today at election headquarters. patricia mazzie writes that voters can only request and turn in absentee ballot at elec
mccain had made the right choices. here comes amid romney. -- mitt romney. he goes to paul ryan who is popular with the tea party. he picked him. i think a lot of people say that paul ryan is not really capable. i've got a loaded question for you -- does america really respect a black individual to be their leader? guest: it is good to end on a loaded question. let me say first that john mccain, who was a great senator, and who was the original maverick and had an independent image, i think he had a very difficult time running into thousand eight following eight years of george w. bush. it was likely time for a democratic president to win so i think john mccain had a hard assignment. with respect to the question you asked, i would say that america elected an african-american, barack obama, and after one of the most intense and expensive and bitter campaigns of all time, reelected him. i would say that is a pretty strong statement of respect for him. some people have said to mate there will be a racial vote in this election. i think it is quite likely that the people who voted agains
of the republican leadership looking to move up into a high- ranking role. paul ryan is returning from the presidential challenge. he backed, price. i think that is a significant development and something to watch and pay attention to, particularly given the fact there is a lot of discussion about -- relationship they have right now. host: is it the top of leadership with the house republicans? caller: we still have john boehner, eric cantor who will stay on with those rules that have had since 2011 when republicans took control of the house. in terms of strategy and approach, we are dealing with the same players we were dealing with before the election. host: turning toward the senate, what is the news there? caller: a lot of the same there as well. the republicans and democrats met yesterday morning behind closed doors and basically reelected the same leaders should have said for some time now. harry reid on the democratic side. on the republican side of mitch mcconnell and john corn and who is coming off of two cycles on the republican campaign committee. he will be replacing john k
-- it sounds good until you realize that it was paul ryan and the ideological republican tea party caucus that tried to cut that budget by $300 million so that the president and joe biden did not have enough money to provide security. you get caught up in these things. they get amnesia or romnesia when the talk about the foreign policy. the four get to that it was president bush that got us into the worst foreign-policy debacle. we will be digging ourselves of the hole in iraq for a long time because of failed intelligence and a variety of other things. they remind me of the sports announcer. you watched the beginning of a football game. this analyst says this team is going to win for sure. this will be a blowout. and the game is over and they are wrong, and they do not even mention that there were wrong or made all these bad predictions. that is who they remind me of. you guys cost three-quarters of these problems and then you turn around and try to climb obama. but the american people are smart. they pay attention when the time is right. that is why you see obama doing well in places li
mcconnell, mayor daley there. paul ryan recently indicated he will be a major player in the talks. i think the important thing to notice is the rhetoric has softened quite a bit. certainly over last year when there was just can't other impasse. and in the initial days after the election there was some harding of the provisions but it has softened over the past week and indication there are movements spawned tax revenues and -- programs in an effort to have a deal. host: the topic is the sequestration side of the so- called fiscal cliff talks and there is a tweet that says -- guest: it is definitely not meaningless, the fiscal cliff. there is great meaning in what might happen with going over that cliff. and certainly there are major, major cuts to federal programs on the table that could have a widespread effect. host: and impact on jobs at the federal government? guest: absolutely. now, it may not impact jobs immediately. first of all, it will take some time for the sequester to go into effect and it is not like the agencies will starts with -- flipping a switch. but things like actually
and paul ryan losing in their own home states? brian mooney host:? caller: -- host: brian mooney? caller: mitt romney is a fairly democratic state, of and mitt romney was elected as a moderate. he ran as a moderate. -- democratic state, and it grammy -- mitt romney ran as a moderate. he was elected as a moderate. when he walked away from the state, he had gotten much more conservative, which is out of step with this state. he did a lot of damage to his standing with voters in massachusetts. if he ran on the ballot for governor again, he would have virtually no chance of winning. it is a local phenomenon, but it is also sort of the character of the state as well. they say the people know best, i guess, and we would fit into that category. host: this message from twitter -- host: brian mooney, how different is the talk on the campaign trail that we hear from presidential candidate romney as opposed to what you heard from the gubernatorial candidate romney? caller: it started in 1994, when he ran against ted kennedy. early in the campaign there was success around labor day that he might eve
the president down for breaking the pledge and some others. you have paul ryan who is an devotee. that is a novel, not something to build the republican platform on. i think that will be the biggest problem. republicans do not want to lose their jobs. host: nancy pelosi announcing she will return as the house minority leader, one of the ones at the white house just today that you probably saw. also talking with reporters after the meeting. here she talks about her focus that she had going into the meeting. [video clip] >> the speaker spoke about a framework going into next year. i was focusing on how to send a message of confidence to consumers in the markets in the short term to. we should have a goal in terms of how much deficit reduction we should have. we should have a deadline before christmas. we should scare some milestones of success so confidence can build as we reach our solutions. if we do not reach an agreement, not only will we miss an opportunity to lift the spirits and confidence in our country, we will have an economic downturn that must be avoided. we understand
back on our feet and start doing things right. it does not look good. host: paul ryan, the republican vice presidential nominee, the chairman of the budgets committee in the halls of the capital -- congress is off this week. they will be back next week to continue negotiations on how to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. in the "washington times we have this story -- let's go to janine from tallahassee, florida. caller: good morning. it's actually joni. -- [indiscernible] we were upset with bush because he was hetoo much money. now we have this guy was ben's triple and double the money, which is even worse -- who spends triple and double. the republican party needs to stop listening to all the talking heads and everybody who tells them you have to move further west to hold on to your party. that is why they are losing the party. they need to stand for something and not just keep pandering to selected groups. this is supposed to be the united states. it is supposed to be equal opportunity, not tribalism. that's where we are going. if they continue to do that, that's why they are losing
paul ryan has proposed. a lot of these things -- did not address the underlying issues, which is cost. it is getting more expensive it. third of health care spending to get your necessary treatments. had we reduce unnecessary treatment? for the 1% of the cost are due to administrative costs. with us. models run the country that have been able to bring down costs in an effective way. many of these programs will not have any problem with them. host: we want to show our viewers -- "the can kicks back" looks to be a giant beat up can. how did you come up with this idea for the mascot? guest: our generation is the candidate washington keeps kicking down the road when a delay action. our future, our jobs and our families. we decided let us make they can an image of our organization. which is ameri can. they asked them, what is their plan to reduce the deficit. and we hope to take it on a nationwide tour next year and visit college campuses and sign people up and help generate the movement. host: dale from michigan on our line for democrats, go ahead. you are on. caller: just a suggestion. t
supported is the paul ryan deal, which reduces the deficit, pays down the debt, does not raise taxes, and it is a written plan that senator chambliss actually voted for. so i think they caught him on a tv station and he said something scraps that did not make sense. >> have you thought about changing the pledged in any way? >> again, i cannot change the pledge, because t it is,o me. it is not like people are promising this to me. >> it was your group. everybody associates the pledge with new. but that is very kind of them. republicans and democrats, not just republicans, and the democratic congressman from kentucky took the pledge. unfortunately, he broke the pledge and was defeated in the last election. people are a little unhappy that he pretended to be a conservative democrat and spent a lot of money and raised a lot of taxes and he lost. ben nelson, another democrat, the senator from nebraska, he got elected taking the pledge, said he would not raise taxes, but he did raise taxes when he voted for obamacare. there are 20 different taxes there, many of them directed at the middle
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